Best Multispeciality Hospital in Dungarpur

Best Multispeciality Hospital in Dungarpur
Contact: 9462996299
Contact 2 : 9462996299

Near Zeel Club, Salatwara, Sagwara, Rajasthan

State: Rajasthan
City: Dungarpur
Zip Code: 314025

Zeel Multi-Speciality Hospital( NZ Health and Medicare Center)a multi-specialty hospital in the town of Sagwara which will cater to the Dungarpur district in Rajasthan. Zeel Multi-Speciality Hospital is an innovative mix of corporate social responsibility set up in the hinterlands of Rajasthan with an intention to provide State of Art health care facilities at affordable prices and thereby improving well-being. The Dungarpur region is of strategic importance since as per our research nearby healthcare facilities are overburdened with the ever-increasing population. As total no. of bed required as per WHO norm is 4620 against which present availability is just 800 beds which derive us to a deficit of 3820 beds. Also for advanced and lifestyle-based diseases the patients have to travel to Udaipur, Ahmedabad, or Modasa which is again a 3-4 hours drive, hence in case of emergency no proper immediate care is available and which causes a life of an innocent soul on daily basis.

Out of the total population, the majority Belonged to low income group (72%), Followed by the Middle and upper-middle Income Group (28%). To serve below the poverty line group better. The catchment area has a population of more than 14 lacs as per census 2011. This population has only 15-20 running primary ICU beds for critical care treatment. At least 200-250 patients move to other bigger places daily like Udaipur and Ahmedabad for territory care management from Dungarpur district alone. Dungarpur district does not have a good secondary & territory care center for trauma, cardiology, pediatrics. Gastroenterology, neuro-surgery, etc. Services. Patients from this region spend thousands of rupees to avail of secondary and territory care treatment in other cities like Udaipur and Ahmedabad every day.

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