Jhra Industries Pvt LtD

Jhra Industries Pvt LtD
Contact: 01204385936
Contact 2 : 9910538042

Plot No. A-2/32, GD Steel Compound, Sahibabad Industrial Area Site 4, Sahibabad

State: Uttar Pradesh
City: Ghaziabad
Zip Code: 201010

Jhra Industries is India’s first full source provider of drilling tools manufactured in-house and the leading provider of SDS drill bits. It was established in January 2019, with a clear vision of becoming a go-to online marketplace for any and every drilling tools. We offer a wide selection of high quality drill bits so you can take on any drilling project with confidence. Our range of products includes SDS Drill Bit, SDS Adaptor, SDS Chisel Flat, SDS Chisel Pointed, Masonry Drill Bit and more, so we can help you find the right drill piece for your intended project. We offer to our client a complete range of the highest quality drill bits to take on any project with confidence. We have over 20 + years’ of drilling experience.

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