Kajaria Plywood

Kajaria Plywood
Contact: 01126946409

J1/B1 (Extn.), Mohan Co – op Industrial Estate
Mathura Road , New Delhi – 110 044

State: Delhi
City: New Delhi
Zip Code: 110044

Kajaria Plywood Pvt. Ltd. (A subsidiary of Kajaria Ceramics Ltd.) aims to offer wood panel products under the brand of KajariaPLY. With an unparalleled commitment towards quality, this brand has strived to adopt the technologies and standards of modern times. Be it research or quality, KajariaPLY has set its sight on all these factors adopting the optimal production techniques in order to deliver quality wood panel products making them 100% customer-centric and KajariaPLY a synonym for quality, service, and innovation in this industry.

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