Skill building programs for kids

Skill building programs for kids
Contact: 7045540534

C223, Eastern Business District, Lal Bahadur Shastri Rd, Bhandup W, Mumbai – 78, Maharashtra

State: Maharashtra
City: Mumbai
Zip Code: 440078

CueKids nonverbal communication course for kids, includes skill building programs perfect for kids age 7-15 years. Book now for FREE trials.

CueKids was initiated by us at Simply Body Talk, a company specializing in the niche area of nonverbal communication since 2013. Looking up the latest research and competitor offerings showed our content team something startling about kids and nonverbal behavior. At CueKids we take a holistic approach of teaching kids to focus on the entire body language rather than just facial expressions. This helps them understand other people better and improve their own communication skills.

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