Wholesale Computer Keyboard and Mouse Combo, Earphones, Surge Protectors, Bluetooth Headsets, Wireless Speakers

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Andheri, Mumbai

State: Maharashtra
City: Mumbai
Zip Code: 400059

As our name Ideakard suggests our brand focuses on brilliant ideas, innovations and quality to help our customers have an ideal elite. After the successful launch of our computer peripherals, we are now expanding into personal peripherals to help our users connect better with the digital world. We are highly focused on the quality of our products, conveyance and ease of use. Ideakard dealt with portable bluetooth speakers, keyboard and mouse, Bluetooth Earphones and Headsets, surge protection device and many more.

Ideakard is an international company designing products that bring people together through music, gaming, video and computing. Our products are focused on tech-savvy buyers and their requirements. We build each of our products to give our customer the premium aesthetic feel. Customer feedback is our prime source of improvement and hence we value your opinion. It helps us to serve you better with outstanding developments in our products.

Most of our products are designed in India and manufactured in China. We are amongst the few tech brands who also manufacture in India. Ideakard employs over 123 employees all over India which provides customer support any time you need it.

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