Why is it important to have Couple Travel Goals

Why is it important to have Couple Travel Goals
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In my career, I have interacted with more than 6000+ couples. Often after every trip, they come back to me and say “ Hey Chetan, our next travel goal is to visit the Maldives on our next anniversary.”

I often felt these couples looked happier because they have travel goals listed. They discuss them and work towards it. So, I suggest each couple should make their travel goals or as we call ‘bucket list. Also, this does not mean a couple who do not have travel goals are not happy, would rather say they live a normal couples’ life. I am sure you agree that we all set goals in our life. To be honest, goals for everything. This could mean buying a home, car, watch, staying fit, or anything that makes us happier. This also includes a travel goal as couples to the destination of their choice or a boutique hotel on an island.

As founder of Honeymoon Havens, I dedicated my 8 years to helping couple experience their dream honeymoon. My goal always has been to let couples express their emotions through travel. So, in this blog let me tell you why it is important to have a Couple of travel goals for a happy relationship.

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